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Il Portale Del Parrucchiere :

The hairdresser's portal is the site that collects all the news, previews, news, the best professional products and accessories, the furniture for hair salons and aesthetics. The hairdresser's portal is free, just connect online also from facebook to receive live all the news from the world of hair, fashion, the profession of hairdresser. In the hairdresser's portal, new fashion images are constantly proposed to inspire and use in the salon, there are many free tutorials that explain how to make a particular cut or hairstyle. The hairdresser's portal always offers the latest collections of the major international fashion-hair designers, their catwalks and their novelties. This allows the hairdresser to be up-to-date and always propose different and avant-garde fashion concepts, styles and looks to his clients. The hairdresser can also look for the best professional hair products and accessories he needs and compare their properties and ways of use in order to choose which one is for him and how best to use those in his possession. Hair products can also be purchased on the hairdresser's portal: an e-commerce will put you directly in touch with companies or, in the section dedicated to wholesalers and distributors, you will find out in real time what is the store that has the product that has you you need it, to be able to buy it online or to be able to reach it physically.

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Hairdressers take care of the health of hair in beauty and aesthetic salons,with style hairstyles for fashion-hair photos and sale of hair care products.

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